Ditty Box

aMarCortese, My Ditty Mariner essential box - Pequod collection


Serial number production of different collections and series with the same essential-being

(it’s large, it contains multitudes): to rock together the salty ballad of the Tree of Life.

“Combine painting” technique revisited…to create a “MaD-e-signed Mobile”

Mad to live, Mobile to dream, timeless Design signed by Time

…time after time, they are a-changin’ in a different way:

a rolling stone gathers no moss but,

evolving apart from the wild bunch,

becomes unique.

One, two, three, four…I did it my way


Designer: MDM


Medium: oneiric vision, genuine sheepskin vegetable-tanned leather, solid bronze, unlacquered solid brass, natural linen, non-toxic colours.


  • Dimensions: width 26 cm, height 22-31 cm (adjustable), depth 6 cm

  • Leather: soft genuine sheepskin vegetable tanned

  • Trademark: hot-punched on the skin

  • Buckles and closing: fusion using lost wax method - bronze opaque finish color "heart of darkness in the moonlight"

  • Closing system: exclusive system of anchorage in two positions, leather loop, "iconic cut" leather lining

  • Strap: adjustable and removable pure raw linen, hand-painted with non-toxic color, leather trim (also available entirely in genuine sheepskin)

  • Rear handle: leather

  • Rear loop: text, characterizing aMarCortese, lasered on leather

  • Lining: leather and canvas of pure raw linen, hand-painted with non-toxic colors according to the traditional Romagna method. Two compartment tablet sized, separated by a partition on which are formed two overlapping pockets

  • Number plate identification: engraving of raw brass, mounted on leather lining

  • Portability: hand, shoulder bag, small bag sailor

  • Container bag: mixed linen fabric rust printed according to the traditional Romagna method


fully Made in Italy

Two colours available
'Washed' version on demand
220,00 €

Il mio personale punto di vista

La chiave di lettura (fratello, è Tipologica) è ingenua, è di rottura!... è PAZ… ienzA