Passage on angelheaded ship with sails as wings in the howling wind.
Anchor's a-trip to the end of the night waiting for the sunrise.
Swallowed by the great fish in the past and enlightened by the Moon at the mast,
Jonah more than living seagull transformed into albatross,
wandering free on the road of the Milky Wake looking for the eternal breeze.
White wood stock of dancing stars, adrift off Orion's belt and shaped the cuckoo's nest,
shows the Route to direction unknown like rolling words from an old pirate's log.
Further from one port to another with only cap, pea coat, bag and brothers,
the bright-eyed mariner, when the ship comes in,
courts the lover picked from 'les Fleurs' to become his own voyage breath:
never really lost and always found.
To rock together the salty ballad of the Tree of Life is a delight
and smells like cosmic spirit tattooed with fun in the canticle of the Sun.

MaD-e-signed Mobile


Moving works windswept and marked by time

Oneiric objects to regain the personal emotional world

Travelers fellow for itinering horizons

A tribute to the romantic myth of the globetrotter sailors - from port to port with their bag and their loves – to maritime routes of the nineteenth century and his dark and wild poets: Melville, Baudelaire, Conrad, Coleridge ...

My Ditty Mariner essential bag, contemporary version of the "Sailor's traditional ditty bag" (bag sailor - part of her wardrobe - containing small tools, equipment and personal items, whose name and origins are lost in the fog of ports),quick-change accessory , still essential to "My personal private trip." Conceived as a single work is serial numbered progressively divided into two collections - "Pequod" and "les Fleurs" - linked by a common thread: to rock together the salty ballad of the Tree of Life.

My own private pirate Treasure, treasures hidden among the wharves, artists-artisans for unconventional jewelry, a dialogue between past and present, between ancient and modern, ethnic influences that follow the beat of the sea.

Mad to live, Mobile to dream, timeless Design signed by Time…fully Made in Italy